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If you have sometime to spare and you can dedicate yourself to fully understand what PrestigeSAS is all about and can explain it to Schools in order to enable them to implement it for their schools, no matter your location in the Country, you can make some reasonable money for yourself as our Freelance Marketer.

As our Freelance Marketer, you earn N10,000.00 per client that you get for us. Your total earning in a month depends on how many schools that you are able to convince to implement PrestigeSAS.

So if you are unemployed, underemployed, youth corper, graduate, student, WAEC holder, marketer of other products, etc., this is your chance to make it big by marketing PrestigeSAS to schools, anywhere in the Nation.

About Marketing PrestigeSAS to Schools

All that is required is the boldness to walk into Schools and ask to see the Principal or Head Teacher and explain to them the benefits that they stand to get by moving their data from Office Flat Files into a protected computer server where every authorised person can access the information from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.

No matter the State of the Federation you are living in, you can become our Freelance Marketer and earn good money for yourself.

We have some documentations like the User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions of our website that will help you to understand PrestigeSAS very well and market it to Schools.

The secret of marketing is your ability to tell your prospect (the person that you are marketing to), the benefits he/she will derive from using your product or service. The benefits of PrestigeSAS are clearly stated in our User Guide. If you want to be our Freelance Marketer, ensure that you understand them very well.

A Good Marketer is Never Discouraged by Objections from prospects. If a prospect is not interested in your product or service, look for another prospect who will be. Let it not discourge you from your marketing efforts. You will definitely find another prospect that will be interested in what you market. No matter how good a Marketer is, some people that you talk to about your product/service will turn you down. Let it not discourage you.

Another secret of Marketing is that it is better to market in two's or three's and share the commission than marketing alone and hoping to have all the commission to yourself. Marketing in two's or three's increases your confidence and gives the impression that you are coming from a big company. Your partner can be of the same sex or opposite sex, just somebody you can work with.

Moreover, if you forget to say an important point, your partner will do so. It is also good to dress corporately when going for marketing. If possible, wear a uniform with your partner e.g. white top and black down.

If you have a handbill or complimentary card, drop it with your prospect and never fail to collect their contact phone number. Most times, sales are not made on the first visit. Sometimes the sale is made after a couple of visits and phone calls.

We will also be supporting you with sending reminders to the prospects and giving you some tips on how to win more clients.

Marketing PrestigeSAS is very easy and you can make a very handsome income doing it.

Conditions for Marketing PrestigeSAS

The first condition is that you have to be registered with us and we issue you with a unique Registration Number before you can answer our Freelance Marketer. Anybody that is not fully registered with us and who does not have a unique registration number is not entitled to a commission of N10,000.00 per Client.

To register as our Freelance Marketer click on Marketers Registration Form

A few days after your registration, we will send to you a unique Registration ID. When you convince prospects to request for our Free User Guide, ask them to either enter your name or your ID into the column that asks for the name of the maeketer that introduced them to PrestigeSAS. That is the only way that you can qualify to earn a commission from that prospect.

When a prospect gives your name or ID as the person that introduced them, we will send you an email so that you can take the prospect more seriously with follow-ups so that you can earn a commission from them.

Many marketers can visit or talk to a particular prospect. But whosoever that the prospect gives his name or ID No. is the person that will earn the commission. So whenever you talk to a prospect, ask them to give your name or ID No. as the marketer that introduced them to PrestigeSAS.

You can even help the prospect to fill the form to Download User Guide. Also remember to ask the prospect to go immediately to his/her email box to click the Confirmation Link to enable us get his/her subscription. You can also help the prospect to obtain the password for the User Guide, download it and open it. That way, you can become closer to the prospect. Never give a prospect your own copy of the User Guide because his/her data will not be on our database and you will never earn a commission from us on that prospect.

After a prospect clicks the Confirmation Link, his/her details will be registered on our database. Our system will be sending him/her autoresponder messages, telling him/her the benefits of implementing PrestigeSAS for his/her School, every 3 days for the next two weeks. That way, we also help you to market the prospect and earn your commission. So do not forget to let the prospect fill your name in the Information Form and also to go to his/her email box and click the Confirmation Link.

When a Client that you introduced to us pays his first installment, we will pay you fully your commission of N10,000.00 for referring the School to us.

The total money that you can make in a month depends on how hard you work. If you are able to get about 5 Schools to implement PrestigeSAS in a month, you earn N50,000.00 for that month.

A marketer is allowed to visit any school he/she likes no matter the location in the country. So even if you change location e.g. after your service as a youth corper, you can still market for us from your new location. The important thing to earn a commission from us is that the School fills in your name or ID. No. as the person that introduced them to PrestigeSAS.

Now click on Marketers Registration Form to register as our Freelance Marketer.